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Replacement for banned Chinese apps

India banned 59 apps linked to China on monday, including video-sharing social networking service TikTok, citing national security amid a border standoff. The government invoked power under section 69A of the Information Technology Act Rules 2009 to block the apps.
The blocked apps include TikTok, Likee, Helo, UC browser, Share It, Club Factory. For many of these, India is their biggest market by consumer reach.
This comes as the two nations are embroiled in a border standoff that killed 20 Indian and an unknown number of Chinese soldiers earlier this month.
India is already planning to impose stringent quality control measures and higher tariffs on imports from China, according to a Bloomberg report.
According to India’s IT ministry, app ban decision was made in view of information available that they are “engaged in activities which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order”.
Replacement for banned Chinese apps
After Indian government announced ban on 59 Chinese applications, Indian users are now on the lookout for alternatives to replace these Chinese apps.
Therefore if you are struggling to find the suitable alternative for banned Chinese apps then you can look into below provided replacements.
Video-sharing social networking service- TikTok, Likee, Bigo Live, Vigo Video, VMate and Kwai
Replacement: Chingari and Mitron
There are various replacement available to popular Video-sharing social networking service apps such as TikTok, Likee, VMate and Kwai.
Chingari and Mitron are two best home grown apps available right now for Indian users. Initially these apps may not provide quality features as their Chinese counterparts but with passing time these apps will surely improvised.
Browsers-UCBrowser, CM Browser, APUS Browser and DU Browser
Replacement: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
UC Browser, owned by Alibaba Group of China, is the second most popular browser in India. For both android and iOS users, there are various options available to browse.
Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are two of the best replacement to all the above Chinese app browsers. Both apps are regularly updated for smooth user experience. Google takes security and privacy seriously and continuously updates Chrome to protect users from harmful websites and malware. Users who are interested in homegrown apps can switch to JioBrowser.
Replacement: Adobe Scan
CamScanner run by INTSIG, a Chinese company based in Shanghai was one of the most popular document scanning app used by Indians.
Adobe Scan is available for both iOS and Android platform. Unlike similar bundles, there is no charge to download and install this app. It is manufactured by Adobe Systems. Adobe Scan delivers many scanning features such as, Automatic scanning, Automatic OCR with multiple language support, Rich editing, including color correction, page rotation, cropping, and so on. Integration with other apps and cloud storage solutions makes it a unique software.
File sharing apps-SHAREit and Xender
Replacement: Files by Google and Superbeam
Files by Google was launched in 2017 as Files Go. Along with offline file sharing, the app lets users manage and browse their files and clean up cache files for faster and smoother experience.
For now, the app is only available on android. Another option available for users is Superbeam.
Superbeam offered by LiveQoS uses WiFi direct technology for file sharing. It is available for Android and IOS platform. With SuperBeam, users do not have to memorize passwords or search for other devices. You can easily pair devices using QR codes, Wifi or NFC.
App Locks- DU Privacy and App Lock
Replacement: Norton App Lock
AppLock and DU Privacy are popular Chinese app for locking apps behind a PIN, password, or fingerprint.
User can download Norton App Lock, It has been developed by the popular antivirus provider, Norton Labs which is run by Symantec, headquartered in Arizona, US. Users can set PIN, password, or fingerprint to lock apps.
Online shopping-Shein, Club Factory, ROMW
Replacement: Flipkart, Amazon and Myntra
There are several shopping apps available for download. Shein is a popular application for women clothing and accessories.
Club factory and ROWM are also having huge market base in the country. These apps can be replaced by Flipkart, Amazon and Myntra.
Photo Editor-YouCam Makeup, BeautyPlus, and Photo Wonder
Replacement: B612
YouCam Makeup, BeautyPlus, and Photo Wonder can be replaced by B612. B612 app is under the SnowCorp company, which is based in South Korea. B612 is a photography app specially designed for selfies that lets you apply dozens of filters to your images before sharing them through your favorite social networks.
India’s decision of banning Chinese apps will result in expansion of user base for home grown applications. It is right time for Indian app makers to grow market as users are in search of the replacement for banned Chinese apps.

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