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Perfect Rep Ranges for Building Muscle

You have heard people saying high reps for cuts, while low reps for building muscle. Well, enough of the bro science.
Now look at what real science has to say about it.
There are basically two types of muscle hypertrophy or muscle growth.
Myofibrillar Hypertrophy
In this type of training you are supposed to work you muscle with relatively heavier weight for low reps such as 1-5 reps with relatively longer rest between sets like 3-5 minutes.
This type of should be used in compound moments like squat,bench press, deadlift,it is not ideal to use it in isolation execise and can lead to injury.
This type of training is good to increase strength and doesn’t focus that much on size as it increases the density of the muscle fibers. Mostly powerlifters and Strong man competitors do this type of training as they don’t care about how there muscles look. They only care about how much weight and lift as that is what matters in there respective fields.
Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy
In this type of training, you are supposed to work with ligher weight for higher reps like 15+ reps with less rest between sets. It is good for isolation of a muscle group.
It increase the Sarcoplasmic fluid in the muscle and hence the size of muscle increase vastly but the strength doesn’t increase to that extends.
Mainly bodybuilders do these type of training as they only care about how big and aesthetic they are looking.
Now if you want to reap the benefits of both type of hypertrophy training. You can train in both types and get bigger and stronger

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