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Hoax military power of China

Whatever we’ve read so far in our history textbooks is not the truth on real grounds of chinese military power. It is always shown in the Sci-fi movies that China is backed by a very powerful army, which is not true.  Indian Army is much more powerful than chinese army …

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Nepal PM not happy with Yogi Adityanath’s remark

Nepal PM not happy with Yogi Adityanath’s remark From past few weeks India and Nepal’s diplomatic relations are  uneasy. Recently Nepal revised its political map which shows Kalapani, a tri-junction between India, China and Nepal in Uttarakhand region as its territory.  Kalapani is a region located in the easternmost corner …

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Petrol and diesel price hiked for 3 consecutively days

Petrol and Diesel price hiked for 3 consecutively days  City Name  Petrol Price (₹) Diesel Price (₹)  Jaipur  79.10  71.54  Kolkata  74.46  66.71  Delhi  72.46  70.59  Chennai  72.28  68.23  Mumbai  79.49  69.37  Karnataka  74.79  66.71 Government again hike VAT Rates for Petrol and Diesel: 22 March: On 22 March the …

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Locust Attack in India

A team of 25 drones is being prepared against the locust swarm . Which is likely to be prepared in 1-2 days . First time 25 drones are prepared just to fight Locust Attack . Center’s Locust Warning Organization offically said on tuesday that 25 drones and 60 more vehicle miumted …

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